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    We can help you with small changes to your design, including reducing colors, removing a background, and more.

    Common Questions

    For buyers

    You can always find the status of your order by going to our Track Your Order page at

    With Teespring, all orders are printed together after the campaign ends (click here to learn how it works). It takes 7-14 days (14-21 for international customers) from the end of the campaign for the shirts to arrive at your door! Here's a breakdown of the process:

    Step 1: Purchase Shirt!
    Step 2: Campaign Ends (check campaign finish date)
    Step 3: Shirts Printed (2-5 days after campaign end)
    Step 4: Delivery! (7-14 days after campaign end, 14-21 days for international customers)

    If your order has not arrived within the quoted delivery dates, it may be only your order affected or there may have been an unforeseen hold up with the entire order. You should receive an email from a member of the Teespring Loyalty Team with an update, but if you haven't received an email within 48 hours of the quoted delivery date, please contact our support team at

    If you're having trouble placing an order, you may be running into one of these common issues:

    1. Unsupported web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or 8)
    We recommend that you update your web browser to a recent version, which will increase your security on the web and allow you to place your order on Teespring! You can update your web browser at

    2. The campaign has ended
    If the buy button is gray, this means the campaign is no longer available for purchase. Please contact the organizer to relaunch the campaign!

    If you're experiencing a problem outside of the common issues listed above please contact our support team at

    As long as your order hasn’t been printed yet, you can cancel it by looking it up at and clicking the "cancel order" link!

    For creators

    All uploaded art on Teespring is reviewed and traced (if necessary) into the highest possible quality artwork for printing.

    To ensure you get the perfect print, please upload images at least 500px by 500px in size with clean lines so that they can be accurately traced. The more complex the image, the larger the file size we recommend you upload. The lines should be clearly visible and not blurred when viewed at 100% zoom.

    We allow .png, .jpg and .eps uploads in our design tool. You do not need to upload 300dpi files, as we do trace all pixel-based files before printing.

    When it comes to screen printing, even subtly different colors in your design each require their own shade of ink. This is because screen printing inks are not designed to mix the way paper inks do -- they're much too thick, and would result in mucky prints if mixed.

    For this reason photographs are virtually impossible to screen print accurately, and highly detailed art may require the use of additional ink colors. If you still feel that the Teespring designer is detecting more colors than is appropriate for your artwork, contact

    If you'd like to add additional clothing styles or colors to your Teespring campaign, email, and one of our customer support reps will help you get them added ASAP.

    We do offer styles not listed in the designer, such as Fruit of The Loom for shirts up to 5XL. We can add these shirts on a case-by-case basis if they are available and work with screen printing.

    To request a product not listed in our designer please contact

    We do provide Fruit of the Loom shirts in sizes up to 5XL, however they are not currently available in our designer. To have them added to your campaign, please contact