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    I  AM AVANT GARDE. My gifts were bestowed on me by a greater being at birth. I am what you'll never be. My sun rises in the west, and sets in the east. I AM AVANT GARDE. My failures inspire. My canvas resides in the thoughts of others. Life cannot contain me, and I cannot contain it. I AM AVANT GARDE. Art is an understatement. My craft is bigger than art. My craft is prodigious expression. I AM AVANT GARDE. I am the black panther in the whites only restroom. I am the klansman in the cotton field. I AM AVANT GARDE. I am not normal. The normal mind is infected like a syphilitic prostitute. The normal mind cannot process my thoughts. The normal mind is the anti culture. I AM AVANT GARDE. The ocean is but a drop compared to the mountainous thoughts in my mind. I AM AVANT GARDE. I AM AVANT GARDE. I AM AVANT GARDE. I AM AVANT GARDE. I AM AVANT GARDE.


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