To break some of the tension that has been displayed publicly in recent months involving race; bullying, or hatred, Love In Abundance (LIA) borrowed a life-long mantra introduced as a child - Pro ME is NOT anti YOU™ - to help our students remain encouraged about accomplishing positive things for themselves, without taking that same right away of others being able to accomplish positive things for themselves.

LIA students have felt disheartened by the negative comments about Black and Hispanic students doing positive things for themselves and having those efforts stepped on by people who seemed to want to hurt them. Many  began to question why? With so few positive images of Black or Hispanic girls (boys); the intent of the mantra is to help students to continue to feel great about working in their best interest without taking the same right away from anyone else.

Our students are used to dealing with racism or discrimination, but many have commented about how the negative comments were condemning the Black boys accepted to several ivy league colleges and universities for excelling in education. Too many students began to question "Why do some people hate us? or Why bother doing the right thing if people are going to discount us either way? 

Because major efforts have been made to lift their spirits and encourage them about things they can do; the life mantra of Pro ME is NOT anti YOU™ helps students understand that it is going to take some time to change the mind of those thinking the worst about them; but they must vow to keep their focus on the truth that doing something positive for themselves is not doing some negative against anyone else. Please help us spread this message!

We want to use real people who purchase our shirts to participate in our advertisements announcing how something positive for self is not negative against anyone else. Are you ready to make a positive statement to help in our Movement?

(The hoodie and the tank is no longer available.) Thank you! 
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