This DIGITAL PRODUCT (pdf) Includes links to four documents to help writers automate and customize estimated deadlines, budgets, and word and page counts for their book projects:

1) Spreadsheets
2) Examples
3) Blank Printables
4) Instructions

The spreadsheet removes the need for manual calculation and allows multiple projects to be run at the same time and linked to the main dashboard. Also included are links to other writing tips and resources.

Two separate, strategic workflows have been designed carefully to help writers with different needs. From the [Regular Authors] whose books are edited, illustrated and formatted by traditional publishing houses to the [Partial-DIY and Full-DIY Indie Authors] who outsource some or most of the work on their manuscripts, this spreadsheet should cover about everything.

Conditional formatting and formulas help to reduce frustration and wasted time, limiting how much actually needs to be typed so writers can spend less time crunching numbers and more time doing what they love: Writing!

Jot down estimates on the Blank Printables while away from your computer or internet; refer to the Examples document for common deadlines; and refer to the Instructions printoff for help and for bonus writing tips and information on how to adjust the workflows to suit your needs.

Especially useful during Novel Writing Months, but easily updatable outside of writing events.

Purchase to organize your writing life and save time!
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