The "NO EXCUSE" Clear Speech Tongue Twisters morning routine! The exact tongue twisters Lady Tina recommends to start off every morning and it takes less than 8 min. while you brew your coffee, take a shower, or get dressed.

Who It's For:
This is for you if you lack clear speech stemmed from a physical issue (mumbling, speed talking, or slurring) and you wish to improve FAST while being guided by a professional.

Help guide you through tongue twisters to exercise your mouth and tongue for clear speech, articulation, and enunciation.

Save Money:
While professionals like Tina, charges $300/hr. with 1-on-1 clients, you can have Tina coaching you everyday, without the high cost of personal coaching. The only thing you have to do, is CLICK the play button to start speaking with more confidence, power, and clarity.

What To Do:
Download the audio (mp3) version to your phone, tablet, or desktop. Click play, listen, and follow along.

**Recommended once every morning.
**For best affect, try once in the morning and evening before bed, everyday.

What's Inside:
7min. 42 sec. MP3 audio that goes over recommended Tongue Twisters (plus a bonus) as a "speak along" tool for clear speech mouth and tongue training.

**IMPORTANT: Once you purchase, please check your email to download your purchase.
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