Coach April Chapple's Volleyball Passing Tips For Youth Volleyball Players

Staying off the bench, improving your volleyball skills, increasing your time on the court and becoming a valuable member of your volleyball team are all goals that high school and club players, LIKE YOU, are worried and concerned about.
I know because I get dozens of questions a month from players like you who want to improve their game.

Consider this ebook as your guide to becoming a smart and confident volleyball player who uses the information in this book to solve your most pressing serve receive problems and begin to consistently pass balls to the target

Here’s what you’ll learn to do:

Discover what a pass is and how you use it to play in volleyball
Learn what your "ready" position should be so you can move to pass balls served or set to you
Discover what your feet, knees and legs should be doing before during and after the pass
Learn how to hold your hands when creating a platform
Discover what your core, shoulders and arms should be doing before during and after the pass
Learn how to move to the ball quickly and effectively
Learn what a "platform" is and how to use it to pass the ball to your target
Learn what to do to make yourself a better passer.
Learn what you shouldn't do when you pass the ball.

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