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Pocket Pet [Bunny - White]

Back:<br><br>Label: Krusher Kitty (TM)<br>

New Life For Paws Cunucu Pup By Sabrina

This design has been created by the very talented Sabrina Geerman. The design replicates an Aruban Cunucu Dog/Puppy. Hand drawn in a Zentangle style, it took Sabrina 10 hours to create. This drawing was based on one of the puppies which <b>New Life For Paws Foundation</b> rescued in Aruba and has now been adopted in the USA. Fenway is his name. Just look at those ears! True Cunucu style!<div>This design is dedicated to each and every <b>Cunucu</b> puppy and dog in <b>Aruba</b> that has been rescued by us. Show your support and love for these sweet dogs by getting a cool t-shirt. 100% of profits are donated to <b>save more lives</b> on the island. </div><div>For more info visit <a href="" target=""></a> </div>

T shirt Tiger

T shirt Tiger


Cool graphic design!

Cute Bunny

So cute!<div>Nothing to say...</div><div>Get yours if you want :)</div>


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AbstrkAnimals - Kobe Dog

Adopted from a shelter in LA when he was a puppy. He spent most of his life in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Ca. He was free to roam the neighborhood and forest around his home and often joined other dogs on their walks. At 14 he still looks like a puppy. <br>