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Born a King!

Promoting greatness within ourselves. Knowing that we come from Kings and Queens and we vow to carry ourselves this way


Because sometimes: nope.

Limited Edition- Throat Punch

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Season 1 Long Sleeve - Logo

This long sleeve shirt is apart of our season 1 collection.  its a long sleeve shirt that incorporates our logo on the front and the back it's super FLAME!!!! Thanks for shopping and have a wonderful lxfe.

DevOps Days Kansas City

DevOps Days Kansas City hoodie sweatshirt

STNA Word Art T-Shirt

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Inverted KC-130

It's not often the words "C-130" and "barrel roll" get used in the same sentence. But that's exactly what happened to a crew when a life raft unexpectedly deployed in flight and got caught on the tail, causing it to go inverted. By the grace of the aviation gods, a good aircraft, and the best crew, they were able to recover. <br><br>Battleherks have an odd sense of humor, and that's how this shirt came to be. Many of us would agree that any other service wouldn't have been so well trained to recover. <br>

Make Good Use Of Today

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My Scary Costume Shirt

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