"BOYS in the GOOD" Toddler T-Shirts

"BOYS in the GOOD" is an after-school youth leadership program that helps boys develop new attitudes, behaviors and ambitions while recognizing the importance of dressing well and being respectful. Boys participate in weekly character education workshops, community service and a number of enrichment opportunities. The purpose of this program is to inspire young men in grades 3 through 5 to reach their fullest potential both academically and socially. All boys serve as leaders of the school community and work each day to fulfill the aims of Giving, Optimism, Originality, and Determination.<br><br><i>* This fundraiser is ongoing. Proceeds will benefit and support the members of "BOYS in the GOOD."</i><br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br>

It’s Not Happening Today

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smile gear

this is my first design

Find your destiny.

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LA PANZA E LA PELATA...solo per pochi...

LA PANZA E LA PELATA...solo per pochi... Questa maglietta è dedicata a tutti coloro che portano fieri e con estrema dignità sia la panza che la pelata. Facile fare i fighi con la barba lunga da hipster, gli addominali scolpiti ecc....provate ad esserlo con la panza e la pelata!!!

I Like to Wear My Crown Everywhere!

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I'm going to start being assertive

Feeling the need to be assertive but fear the need to make your stand? This will do it for you! Get one for yourself or the shy friend in your life


As someone who has struggled with mental illness as well as knowing people who also struggle, I know that it can be the hardest thing in the world to say something positive about yourself. Heck, if you would've asked me a month ago I probably would not have been able to come up with anything. However, a little while ago while being treated a doctor asked me to create an art project using ten positive words about myself. So I created a tree as a representation of my life and my growth. And as the trunk and branches of the tree, I used those positive words. Those words make up who I am and I wanted them to make up my tree. This was insanely hard, let me tell you. But you know what, when I was done I felt so much better about myself. I got to thinking, how can make others feel good? how can I give back to the mental health community? And that's where these tshirts come in! There are 4 designs, each with one positive word to choose from. All proceeds will be donated to local mental health organizations! :)

I m juste a queen

Evert women is a queen


Everybody thinks you're a little innocent girl, but you have many secrets...<br><br>