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Sobriety of Death

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Let's Make A Difference!

<b><u>Story behind the shirt</u></b>: A friend of mine was begging me to take them to get a drink soon after they had finished detox and checked out of rehab. He had received some terrible news and was struggling to cope. I told him that I would take him anywhere, but I would not take him to the thing that had nearly destroyed his life.  Later that day, I received a text saying that I was a prick. The text had the reference, Acts 9:5 (KJV), attached.<i> 'And he said, who are you, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus who you are persecuting: it is hard for you to kick against the pricks.' </i> <i></i>Jesus had set up roadblocks/pricks to keep Saul (soon to be Paul) from destroying his life and the lives of others.  That day, I had become a similar roadblock/prick for my friend. He was, in a unique way, thanking me. It was the first time I had ever felt complimented by being called a prick! :-) It inspired me! If you think about it, we are the roadblocks/pricks that God uses to keep others from destroying their lives. We are to take His love and stand in the way of those who are on a dangerous path. We should love them, encourage them, support them, and help them find success. So, purchase this shirt and join the movement! Let's let people know that we are willing to help! (This shirt is a great  way to get the conversation started)


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No longer silent

I am a victim of addiction &amp; I am tired of loosing loved ones. I am ready to help spread the word. This war needs to end.


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SUPPORT Our Fellow Addicts

With the worldview twisted on people in recovery and addictive addiction we have to show them recovery is possible 

There's a NEW dealer in town!

Mi-HOPE Michigan is proud to announce there's a NEW dealer in town and this one's selling hope, education and awareness of the epidemic sweeping our state.<div>Show your support by becoming a Michigan HOPE dealer!  Hoodies available at: <a href=""></a> </div><div>For the out of state folks go to:  <a href="" title="Link:"></a> </div><div>Visit us at for more information<br> </div>