Perhaps there are a number of people who could be considered dream dates in your life, but you should definitely be one of ‘em. This hand-lettered and illustrated tee is the result of me taking this philosophy to heart. In the words of Margaret Cho, I’m the one that I want! Maybe you should consider being the one that you want, too?

Go on and take yourself out for a milkshake. Take yourself for a three-hour date to the library. Go for a walk at midnight and giggle and listen to pop punk. Hold your own hand & bask in the glory of your own good company. And do it all while sporting this candy-confection of a tee, which proudly announces to all that you are a bona fide dreamboat in your own eyes. 

I am thrilled to be offering my art in wearable form, and am so grateful to folks supporting the work of an independent artist.

Totally lookin' forward to seeing babes rocking this proud message of unabashed self-love this summer!

Clara Bee Lavery

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