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Sell while streaming with integrated checkout, live alerts and exclusive sub-only merch. Start selling on Twitch today!

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Free to set up and sell, over 100,000 creators trust us to monetize their content creation. Create your products in seconds and sit back, while we handle the rest.

Built in OBS & chat alerts

Animated in-stream alerts give you the chance to engage and acknowledge every time someone supports your channel. Shout them out!

Integrated checkout

With checkout integrated into the extension card, your audience can browse and buy products without even having to leave your stream.

only merch

Design and sell products that can be seen exclusively by your subscribers. Encourage your most loyal fans to subscribe to your stream and access exclusive merch.

How we
stack up

See why Teespring is the #1 merch platform for streamers.

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How to
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Extension FAQ

Selling on Twitch

Ask your fans

Create products that your viewers want - ask them in your streams, or create a poll.

Call it out

Call out the merch extension in your streams, so your audience won't have to leave the page to purchase.

Shout outs

Shout out your buyers. With in-chat and OBS alerts, you can acknowledge every time someone supports your stream by purchasing merch.

Wear it

Wear your merch! Hands down the best way to advertise, show your audience what your products look like and showcase your creations in your streams.

Name your stream

Change the name of your stream to involve your merch, to remind your audience to buy.

Start somewhere

Not sure what to sell? Get started by uploading your logo to the launcher to create a die-cut sticker in seconds.

Teespring for creators

See why Teespring is the #1 merch platform for gamers, 
e-sports players and streamers.