Alicia Difloure Uganda Mission Trip 2017

It has always been in my heart to reach out to others. It hasn't been until recently that I have felt led by God to step out of my comfort zone and really go for it. So, in July 2017 I will be travelling to Uganda with NewSpring Church. There I will be helping with outreach to the hundreds of boys living on the streets, serving in the school and at the boys' home, as well as work on construction projects and invite local people to attend church and hear about Jesus. The profit of each t-shirt sold here will go directly toward my trip. Help take me "to the ends of the earth" to seek and teach about Jesus. The front of the t-shirt features a quote, symbolizing my dedication to following Jesus wherever He needs me. On the back is a globe depicting Africa. You can also make a direct donation by following the link below. Insert your donation in the Uganda July 2017 trip, and add my name as who you wish to sponsor. As always, prayers are appreciated! I am so excited to witness all that the Lord has in store for me! <a href="http://" target="_blank">http://</a>


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Camp Sukkot- Vegas

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Self-Motivation Shirts "Blessed"

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Rabbi Jew Ribbon Beer

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Proud To Be A Muslim

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Because she needs something to hold on 2

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Try stepping on this flag 2

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Thin Blue Line - I Hunt The Evil

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