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Liberal Tears Are Delicious

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Harambe's Last Wish

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I got the feels

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<b>When we lost our husband/daddy in February, 2017, our lives were shattered in many ways. We miss Joel more than we can express. As a woman who has been twice widowed by the age of 45 and is now a single mom of 4 young children my husband and I adopted shortly before his sudden death, we are learning first-hand how deeply God cares for orphans and widows. This t-shirt is simply a way for us to continue to spread the word about how good our God is while helping to raise a few funds to continue to help our meet our basic needs. Thank you for participating in our campaign! </b><div><br></div><div><b><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a></b></div>


<div>April 24th Trish was devastated with the news she has colon cancer. Her upcoming surgeries and extended hospital stays are going to be outrageous. She has minimal insurance and as a small business owner will have zero income for these weeks/month she has to take off work. Along with recovery she has permanent lifestyle and dietary restrictions, which will make life for her and her family difficult. As you know she is a prideful person who doesn't like to ask for help but this situation is so difficult and her small family needs your support.</div><div><div>Help spread the word!</div></div>


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Brian Hull (Logo)

From the Brian Hull Merch line, if you're a Hullimaniac get this to show your Hullimaniac spirit!

The G Team-They Ani't Afraid Of No Ghost

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1/1tee from FacerSo1o


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