Traverse through my Innermost Innerverse, as the Weightless Heart of Me, Arises & Shines unto a Higher Realm of Reality. Subconsciously Connect with my Embodied Soulful Supremacy, as I Graciously Expose to thee, My Invaluably Venerated Journey through the Immersive Immensity of Intimacy. Awakening to Incontrovertible Authenticity whilst Aligned with the Universe Reflected Outside of Me, with an Heir of Transparency. Expansively Solidifying my Divinely Designed Reality Through Each and Every Blessed Breath I Compose into Being. Uninhibitedly Transfiguring through Every Wisdom Fueled Word, Keenly Read and Deeply Received. Crafted Prophetically and Poetically, Capturing the Essence of Sempiternal Serenity, with Sheer Ease. In Harmonizing Seamlessly, in Synergy with my Ethereal Energy, may you, too, Incontrovertibly Rouse your Inner Divinity. Subsequently, Enlivening the Visceral Invincibility, Necessary, to Dance Endlessly with thy Beholden Destiny.
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