Nappy Hair 20th Anniversary

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the children's book "Nappy Hair" by Carolivia Herron in purple, lavender, yellow, pink.   <br>For more information please visit


Just in time for the New Year! Join Little Princess 109 in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the summer of love. Wear your tee-shirt to the Summer of Love Celebration in Golden Gate Park in June and join us under our banner.

JP Stevens Robotics 10th Anniversary!

Team 2554, the Warhawks, is John P. Stevens High School’s FIRST Robotics team. All FIRST participants seek to inspire new generations to explore the wonders of science and technology.<br>     Every year, high school students have 6 weeks to design and build a robot that can complete the challenge and compete with teams from across the nation. <div><br></div>