Sweet and Inked Winter Issue Models

Exclusive for Winter Issue Models

O'shan Shibasaki - Kid Hip Hop

Your support will help a young designer, O'shan, to follow his passion. By purchasing O'shan's designs you are also helping to create characters like Kid Hip Hop to live the life we imagined as children.  

Free Gavin

All profits go to freeing Gavin

Art You Can Wear

<b><i>"Times Square #3"</i></b><div><b><br></b></div><div><b>Times Square is the heart of New York City. The neon signs and electronic billboards create an amazing display unlike anything else on earth. I created this artwork from my original photograph of Times Square. Look for more designs coming soon.</b></div>

The Jets

<b><i></i></b><i></i>Support your local artist! I'm going outside my comfort zone with this product. The design is an original with my signature and comes in a variety of colors and styles. I plan on adding more shirts to the collection based on sales, feedback etc..

Take HeART artist start-up

Hello! Help our family take a much needed step int he right direction while enjoying and fun (and uber soft) tee! My wish is to pursue some writing and art endeavors, but in order to get started I need a few editing programs, equipment and good ol' fashioned art supplies. We hope that these efforts can (once established) help support our family financially so my husband and I can work to receive our masters degrees while caring well for our two little ones! <br>

Official Model Tally Elaine

Support Tantalize and our official model Tally Elaine

Limited edition : Albert Einstein

Quickly - Buy your New item with a long sleeve tees <div>here is only 50 items</div><div>#funny</div><div>#Einstein</div><div>#Mathematics</div>

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is more than a self help process.  It is a therapeutic process that incorporates the creator, art work and the art therapist to develop awareness about life's experiences.  

A platform for building great webcomics

Show your love of webcomics with this shirt dedicated to the Grawlix CMS, a web app artists use to publish their stories online. Proceeds go to development and maintenance of the system.

Official Model Tally Elaine

Support Tantalize and our official model Tally Elaine