Deaf Kids are Visual Learners

This design was created to spread awareness that Deaf kids need visual access to learn. Many times Deaf students fall through the cracks in mainstream schools so they transfer to a deaf school. By the time they get to a deaf school and get visual access via American Sign Language and visual supports, they finally understand what they've been missing. This shirt serves as an echo of what Deaf kids are saying in the auditory world, "I am a visual learner." Empowering Deaf children and adults to embrace this is part of our vision.<div><br></div><div>We are working to ensure that no more Deaf kids fall through the cracks from language deprivation in the education system in the Pacific Northwest. 10% of all proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the Nyle DiMarco Foundation.</div>

Show your support for renewable energy

Raising awareness of the current climate crisis and creating support for renewable energy and clean power.  A portion of the profits for every shirt sold will be donated to the Sierra Club the help further their mission: "To solve the climate crisis primarily through a successful transition to a resource-efficient clean energy economy that better serves people and nature."

Veterans Recovering Through Fitness

VRTF is an Oklahoma based non-profit start up dedicated to helping Veterans with PTSD. <div><br></div><div>VRTF is hosting a Military Muscle Deadlift Party on Sept 2, 2016 in Oklahoma City at Tribe Gym with all proceeds going to Envision Success. Envision Success is located in Norman, OK and provides counseling and other services to Veterans with PTSD. </div><div><br></div><div>All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to our goal of raising 5,000 dollars for Envision Success. </div>

WWCode Boston LS Tee

Support Women Who Code's vision of an industry where women are representative as technical executives, founders, Venture Capitalists, board members and software engineers.

The Shirt of My Dreams

I had a dream where I had this shirt and wanted to make it a reality.  All profits go to charity.

bcfc cool shirt

Proudly wear this cool design and support BCFC at the same time. Proceeds go directly to the non-profit for projects they do. Share with friends and family. Order yours today!

Buying INSPIRER helps Support The Arts!

Buy INSPIRER! Profits help fund Arts For Our Children's inspiring community project "Dancing Dolls A Christmas Story" Free show &amp; Present Drive, for foster &amp; in need youth, in Hollywood on December 18, 2016. Become an INSPIRER! Buy yours now &amp; Help spread the word. Love Charon Tap Star!

Trinity Fight Club Breast Cancer Tee

<div>This t-shirt is dedicated to "Angelina Martinez" </div><div>Coach Carlos and The Trinity Family is helping raise money to help his wife's grandmother who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. she is starting Chemo therapy next week. ALL proceeds will go towards medical bills and any other personal costs. our goal is to sell 50 shirts which will generate over $400.00. Please keep her in your prayers as we fight this battle with her.</div>

Through Their Eyes Campaign

The Connection Network ("TCN") is a non-profit organization comprised of professional women of color. TCN's mission is to cultivate a positive impact in our community by providing a platform for women of color to support one another, build stronger professional networks and mentor the next generation of female leaders. <p>The Connection Network stands on the three-point model: <strong>Support, Network and Mentor</strong>. </p><p>Our main initiative under the Mentor platform is our <strong>"Through Their Eyes" mentoring program</strong>. TCN collaborates with institutions to provide mentoring sessions on various topics, including self-image, goal setting &amp; planning, defining beauty, and professionalism. All donations and raised funds for the Through Their Eyes mentoring program campaign goes towards supplies and  scholarships for mentoring participants throughout the year.</p><div><br></div>


This Mug is dedicated to the DELTA Crisis Management Team

You Can Sit With Us

Trying to put out a message of unity and inclusion, no matter who you love or what you're into.  We are stronger, happier and better when we appreciate the beauty that diversity brings.  

Alevolve Tee | ALL Proceeds Donated

<div>Hi, I'm Alex. Every year I try to do at least one donation through various outlets. I was going to sell these shirts as people have been asking, but I've decided to donate all the profits for the shirts sold in November and December. </div><div><br></div>This is the first campaign to help our veterans. ALL PROCEEDS are already set to go to the Semper Fi Fund. This is a foundation that has worked hard to actually help veterans. <div><br></div><div>DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT PROFITING MONETARILY WHATSOEVER ON THIS SHIRT. WHILE I AM BENEFITING FROM THE LOGO BEING ON THE SHIRT, ALL FUNDS ARE BEING DONATED TO THE SEMPER FI FUND.</div>