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Weapon of Choice - Horror - EU

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Vampire Hunting

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Vampire - Purple

Vampire - Purple

Vampire Lips and Flowers Halloween T Shi

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All I care about are Vampire Bats

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Lady Vampire


Vampire Girl apparel, now available!

<b><i><a href="http://thevampiregirl.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Vampire Girl</a></i></b> apparel now available, from the USA TODAY bestselling series by <b>Karpov Kinrade</b>. Vampire Girl on front with "dum spiro spero: while I breathe, I hope" on the back above a wolf and moon decal. Shirts, sweatshirts, stickers. Limited edition. All proceeds go to the charity Reading is Fundamental an organization to support literacy in children. 


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