Bacon, Bikes and Beer

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Bacon = Vegetarian Kryptonite

Ever overhear anyone say, "I could be a vegetarian if it weren't for bacon"? Well that's because it's basically kryptonite for those aspiring to forage on plants. <br>

GodGunsandBacon kickoff shirt!

God Guns and Bacon, part of the American Freedoms we enjoy and we think they fall into not just our freedoms list but they are MUST HAVES! Grab our inaugural T shirt and help us create an online community for all that we hold near and dear! 


<div>lar·don</div><div> <div>ˈlärd(ə)n/</div> <div> <div><i>noun</i></div> <div> <b></b><b></b><b></b><b></b> </div> <div><div><div><div>a piece of bacon used to lard meat.</div></div></div></div> </div> </div>