Remembering Johnstown: Sani-Dairy

Originally the Sanitary Dairy Company, Sani-Dairy was founded in 1902 and was one of the biggest dairies in Pennsylvania, producing more than 900 dairy and dairy-related products in its heyday. Known for their milk and ice cream, this shirt adapts the logo from their milk boxes, found on many Johnstown porches. Sani-Dairy continued for almost a century, until the brand was bought by Dean Foods and the production plant, a huge building on the Stonycreek River across from downtown Johnstown, was closed. I remember Sani-Dairy ice cream especially, and many customers on my paper route would ask for their newspaper "in the milk box". Sadly, the brand is gone, but the pleasant memories of delicious ice cream survive. Buy a part of Johnstown history with this "Sani-Dairy" t-shirt!

Nurses Eat Ice Cream...

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Lick Me Till Icecream

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Boxer T-Shirts, Shirts and Tees

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Roo's Worldwide Ice Cream Social

MAY 20!!! The goal of this is to get people EVERYWHERE to take their dogs for ice cream and meet up with fellow Roo lovers. If we can get ice cream shops to donate the pup cups, that would be amazing. We want this to go semi-viral and make it a feel good story to get exposure for our important cause and to help more dogs and their owners through a cancer diagnosis. We will have prizes for best videos and photos. PLEASE contact your local shops and see if they will donate pup cups or will allow you to hang flyers to promote the event. WE ARE SO EXCITED! Thank you

Icecream Frenchie towels, pillows...

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Ice Cream Cones and Milk Bones

Enjoy this yummy Lila Beach Tee Company design. I mean, "what else do you need?"

Cool Summer Ice Cream

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I Always Eat Ice Cream

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I Love Ice Cream

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