Admit it, there is no swagger like the swagger of knowing exactly who you are. There is no shame in pouring everything you've got into your family. Sure, you may still get a little tingle when you walk by the action figure aisle at the toy store. Sure, you may have more superhero t-shirts than dress shirts. Sure, you may have very strong feelings about the sequence you show the Star Wars movies to your kids. Your wife may have perfected the eye-roll when you quote every line from "The Goonies," or when you obsess over the slightest statistical minutia for your favorite sports team. But at the end of the day it's about sharing the things you love most in life with the people you love most in life. For that, you make no apologies. Are you a Dorkdaddy? Own it. Do you have a Dorkdaddy in your life? Own it. Now there's a "Dorkdaddy And Proud Of It" t-shirt. Own it. All proceeds go to benefit Oren and Beth's fundraiser

over 6 years ago
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