Inspired by my poem " My Brother on the Other side"Which I wrote as a result of the illusion of separationand the ongoing violence going on All across the Globe. I wish to offer us a possibility to carry a Message out there , Spreading our Love for the ''other'' regardless of who he may be,for we are All one big FamilyRevenues from this product will help me fund Project Aakhda in which I am Dedicated to promote the Message of Love Among All.View more about my project here: Thank you for joining in spreading the message We Are One Much LoveMia My Brother on the other side/Mia LeventhalI have seen you fly  And you have seen me cry We have nothing more to hide Overcome the barriers of ignorance,  Created by our fellow people,  Hate in our hearts,  Will never reside Hold my hand  And let us step up together,  Paving the way for a Brighter,  United Future.For Women:

over 7 years ago
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