Eyes Up, Wise Up, Rise Up is the name of my upcoming solo Hip Hop album as WELL as some #BasicInstructionsBeforeLeavingEarth.  Supporting me by buying one of my shirts or hoodies will directly help me to move forward with my solo project, keeping dope, independent Hip Hop alive & kickin' as well as assist 'The Awakened' in sparking the search/quest for truth(s), social justice, and freedom from colonial tyranny.  I am one of the many voices of Hip Hop Culture.  I sing for Movement, Justice, Equality, for the Youth, Soul Saving and to bridge gaps, to enlighten, break stereotypes, empower, have fun, to learn, to teach, to heal broken hearts, to repair broken minds, and to open paths.  I believe, whole-heartedly, in "paying it forward" & being fair...two things that can actually save the world!! purchase one of these before I head to London soon!  One Love to you all! [link to some of my songs] http://www.soundcloud.com/ilovejendog  and then [link to my bandcamp]   http://ilovejendog.bandcamp.com/