This shirt was designed to celebrate traditional farmhouse brewing culture (and cultures) in Norway and beyond, where the yeast ring/kveik ring serves as a central symbol and a useful tool for cultivating multi-century heirloom yeasts. Recently, our friend William Holden passed away. He was one of the key figures in the community working to promote and preserve farmhouse brewing traditions in Norway. William worked extremely hard to organize the Norsk Kornolfestival, the first modern beer festival centered on promoting traditional farmhouse brewing.William suffered from poor health over the last few years and was hospitalized in early October. On November 12th he passed away. Several people have asked for a way to contribute to William's family in respect for his memory. William's 3-year-old daughter Mina Sofie suffers from Pontocerebellar hypoplasia. As a result she is multi-handicapped, and William and his family had to make expensive alterations to their house to adapt it to her electric wheelchair. Because of this, contributions to the family are welcome. We will do our part by donating all of the proceeds from this shirt (for full transparency, this is $USD 7.05 per unit) to William’s family. Those who wish to make a cash donation instead can visit the page already set up:,Richard and the Escarpment Labs team