3 hour meditation music, created based on the science of sleep (not the same as my album of the same name which is only a single sleep cycle & made of 5 tracks). FOR SLEEP, DEEP RELAXATION OR TO AID MEDITATION OR SELF-HYPNOSIS This track uses rhythms for brain entrainment matching rhythms of relaxed breathing, pulse rate and helps guide you through the process of sleep from beta waves of wakefulness, through alpha waves to theta waves of stage 1 sleep, to theta and alpha waves of stage 2 sleep, to delta waves of stage 3 sleep and very slow delta waves of stage 4 sleep (usually both combined nowadays as 'stage 3' rather than two separate stages) and up through stages 3 and 2 so that 90 minutes in you are at the REM stage of sleep with beta and theta waves then after 20 minutes of REM having completed a first natural sleep cycle, passing back through down through the stages, 2, 3, and 4 into deep sleep again before heading back to the second nightly REM stage completing a second natural sleep cycle. This track isn't to replace medical advice or to replace seeking medical advice. Do not listen to this if your attention is required elsewhere or if you have epilepsy or any neurological condition. Consult your Doctor if you have any concerns or questions about using a track like this.
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