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In the event you have technical difficulties with the form, you can file your Counter Notice with Teespring’s Designated Agent at: Counter Notices filed via Teespring’s Designated Agent will not be accepted unless they contain all the required information indicated above.

If we receive your counter notice but your work does not comply with the Teespring Terms of Service, IP/Publicity Rights Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, and/or any other Teespring Policy, we may inform you that we are not be able to reinstate your work. We may also request further information from you in order to determine whether the work can be reinstated.

If we determine that we are able to reinstate your work, we will forward your counter notice directly to the complainant, which will include your personal contact information. At that time the complainant may take legal court action against you in the United States. If after 14 days the complainant has not taken legal action against you, you may contact us to request that we reinstate your work. If your work otherwise complies with our User Agreement and IP/Publicity Rights Policy, we may reinstate your work at that time.