After releasing my “Pop‑Up Cabin” series on YouTube, where my dad and I constructed a DIY portable cabin, I received many requests to put my prefab design into a set of plans. So here they are, in PDF file format. Ta‑da!

The comprehensive plans include: step-by-step instructions, exact measurements, and clear diagrams, which show exactly how the cabin was assembled from the ground up. Upon purchase, you will be able to download the plans in PDF file format.

By studying these plans, and reviewing my “Pop‑Up Cabin” videos on YouTube ( ) for inspiration, you will have a comprehensive understanding as to how my little cabin was constructed. I have made a few small changes in these plans from the original structure, which I will make note of. I have also tried to keep the material dimensions consistent, so you can swap out the material that suits your needs best.

We designed and built a quick-deploy Cabin. This makes it a great low-cost option for those wanting to build their very own cabin, especially in remote areas where it is difficult to haul in heavy materials. We used a snowmobile to transport our cabin materials to the build site, where we assembled them.
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