‘Where do you get your protein’ was designed to finally put an end to that age old question about where vegans get their protein from. 

I talk through my journey from being the biggest meat eater that most people have ever met to where I am today, some misconceptions about protein, how much protein you really need and where to get it from.

I then present you with 30 delicious, healthy, high protein recipes including-Morning mealsDips and spreadSoups, chillies, stews and moreSalads and nibblesHearty mainsBaked savoury delightsAnd healthy treats.While it’s true that the recipes in this book are perfect for those requiring a larger protein intake (e.g. strength and physique athletes), they are based around healthful whole plant foods, making them suitable for all. 

My aim for this book is to show you just how easy it is for ANYONE to meet their protein needs with plants so every recipe was created with that in mind. I didn’t want to create just another cookbook; I wanted to create something that really, finally, made it clear that protein is not an issue!
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