Groomer Shirt- I DON'T HAVE A 9 TO 5

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Spring Groupie 2017

Five years ago, found the birth of somewhere great. There are ups and there are downs, but one thing remains the same... HodgePodge Crochet brought us together with yarn, but keeps us together with friendship. 

Cute baby onesies - My first birthday

Cute baby onesies - Today is my first birthday

10th years old Birthday Shirts for Gift

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Support Baby Rebekah toddler shirt

Rebekah Joy was born with the rare, genetic condition, Aicardi Syndrome.  She has multiple abnormalities within her brain, including agenesis of the corpus callosum.  Along with these, she is blind, deaf in one ear, has seizures, and has only one kidney.  She also has several malformed vertebrae and malformed and/or missing ribs.  Rebekah is the youngest of seven children of a disabled veteran and his wife.  Two of her siblings also have special needs, one of them has a terminal illness.  Rebekah's condition requires frequent out-of-state trips to specialists, home and vehicle modifications, &amp; many other uncovered expenses.  Your support for Baby Rebekah through purchasing a shirt is greatly appreciated!

This Is What an Awe_some 2 Year Old Look

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4th Birthday Dinosaur Gift T-Shirt

 4th Birthday Dinosaur Gift T-Shirt 

It's My 5th Birthday Kids Emoji T-Shirt

It's My 5th Birthday Kids Emoji T-Shirt. A great birthday gift for a special child on their big day. Celebrate in style, let's party!


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Vintage Age 10 Years 2007 Perfect 10th Birthday Gift

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Kings are born on July 03

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