30 Cozy and Creative hand-drawn designs inspired by a personal drawing and coloring challenge for self-care and celebrating things that make us feel safe and creative! This book was designed and drawn during a massive marathon of art on the Deliberately Creative Youtube Channel!
There's everything from cozy and warm cups of tea and coffee to indulgent treats, flowers, and more. You are sure to find inspiration to color or paint right on your own printed pages or use these designs as traceable templates to paint or color on bigger surfaces!

This file was created to be printed on 8.5"x11" US Letter paper. It is a Digital Download PDF file. You can resize the pages and print just one page with 2 images each or print the whole book it is up to you!

All of the images were designed and drawn by Stephanie Bergeron of Deliberately Creative during an over 13.5 hour Livestream on Youtube! Yes, you can see every one of these designs be created! Check out Deliberately Creative on Youtube to find out more!

Image Designs in this coloring book:
Cups, mugs, flowers, fuzzy slippers, knitted caps, succulents, cakes, rolls, ice cream, milkshake, stacked rocks, windows, books, art supplies, journaling books, glasses. cat, breakfast treats, and all things cozy and warm!
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