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The Boston–Edison Historic District is a historic neighborhood located in the geographic center of Detroit, Michigan. The District boasts the oldest continuous neighborhood association in the City, the Historic Boston–Edison Association, which was founded in 1921. The District received historic designation from the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office in 1973, the Detroit Historic District Commission in 1974, and the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

We will not go quietly into the NWO

Google and the ADL are censoring us, trying to force this on US our Children, Well let them close free speech online, I will wear this and NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT, whos with me?? 

Let them Censor the internet, WEAR IT

<div>This will do two things, it will help fund my trip to livestream the eclipse and when they pull the plug online, you can still spread the message. </div><div>RFB</div>


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5'9" Boston PG

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