Cheapside Slave Auction Block, Afrikan

This design is to commemorate our ancestors who were sold into chattel slavery at Cheapside in Lexington, ky.   On the shirt is the plaque located at the site and the Pan Afrikan Flag overlayed on the plaque.  The colors represent Afrikan/Black people with the Red symbolizing our blood, our bloodlines.  The Black, us as a people, beautiful black people.  Finally, the Green, symbolizing the motherland.

Celebrate Black History 2017

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Afro American Top Team Tee

Afro American Top Team


<b><i><u></u></i><u></u></b><u></u><img src="http://">If you are African or fan of African culture, these items must be for you. You will promote African culture by wearing and using these items


Show your pride in the most unique way possible 

Grand Opening Smithsonian National Mu...

To mark this special historical occasion wear a T-Shirt to let everyone know how important this museum is to you.  This shirt will tell everyone  that you are a big fan of the newest Smithsonian museum on the Mall.      

Nat Turner, Not Today

Ever felt like today ain't the day? It's easy to say it in 2017, imagine the energy and audacity to not only think it but say it in 1831 as an American slave? 


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