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Dont Talk to Me

For the introverts that seem to attract random conversation!

I TELL YOU...what doesn't kill you...

I tell you collection... What doesn't kill you f.cks you up mentally... Choose from different colours and styles ... 

TGLO ~ Angry Gamer Girl

These girls are here to game and nothing is going to get in there way!!! Lets get started!!!!!


So many of us try to do everything on our own, we are human after all, that is our specialty! Jesus wants us to obey His Father as He did! Stop trying to reason with everything, stop confessing what the world wants to hear, stop trying so hard to do it all on your own... just shut up &amp; listen to Jesus!

Shut Up And Take Me Fishing!

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Do Not Disturb My Reading Tee- Blck/Pink

Do Not Disturb My Reading Tee- Black and Pink

Limited Edition

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Tombstone Quote

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Anger Management

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Insane Edgar

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