Drop The Dolphins

Aimed at educating potential tourists and exposing travel corporation involvement in the entertainment industry. Show you care by joining the movement and supporting Dolphin Freedom UK in their #DropTheDolphins campaign.

3/8 Dolphin Love Porpoise dolphins

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Still just a whale.


<b>Stand back am going to try science</b><br>

Not addicted to Octopus

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I Love Otter

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<div>Whale</div><div><br></div><div><a href="http://www.wacawow.com" target="" rel="nofollow">www.wacawow.com</a></div>

Let's "Save the Whales"

<img src="http://"><img src="http://"><b>This campaign is aimed towards raising awareness of whale slaughtering in countries such as Norway, Iceland and Japan as leading nations and any other place these beautiful animals are harmed.</b><div><b><br></b></div><div><b>---&gt; With each year passing by, we are losing more and more important species of whales and dolphins, so we are trying to make an impact and at least donate some money to organizations trying to help these animals.</b></div><div><b><br></b></div><div><b><br></b></div><div>A PART OF THE PROFIT GOES TO Peta UK (Being the only choice on Teespring with similar cause). <br><br>Thank you, and help us help them &lt;3</div>

Maori Sun Bottlenose Dolphin

Love dolphins? Show your support and love for dolphins with this marine animal artwork tee. Dolphin jumping through a Polynesian symbol Maori sun with a blue ocean and sailboat behind it.

Peace And Dolphins

Love dolphins and how peaceful they are? Three dolphins swimming around an ocean blue peace symbol design. 

Dolphin Life Goal

A dolphin dares to dream of one day swimming with an investment banker. 

Keep Calm Manatees

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