Honoring wood carvers everywhere

As a wood carver I haven't seen many t-shirts I would wear, I think this conveys my love and respect for wood carving. This is one of my water color cartoons giving honor to the tools we depend upon to get the task done.

Statue of liberty T-Shirt

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Sculpture transformed into 2d art

Lorri Acott's "Guardian's of the Path" sculpture is transformed into a unique and beautiful t-shirt unlike you have seen before. 

Create Peace T-shirt by Lorri Acott

Create Peace t-shirt transforms Lorri Acott's sculpture "Arc of Peace" into a beautiful wearable art statement.<br>


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Art Hoe Tee

i wear a beret. i like the book more than the movie. i understand the deeper meaning behind that Baroque painting. i am an art hoe. 


FOR MORE NAMES Replace "name" in the url with your one word name<div>http://teespring.com/name-new-shirt</div><div><br></div><div>if u could not find the design, mail us on k198.sandeep@gmail.com</div><div>we will create design for you in one day.</div>

Haitï: Who was The unknown Maroon?

<div> " <b><i>Le marron inconnu</i></b>" is a unknown black warrior, tired about the oppresion of his people, who called out for a revolution back to the 17th century. Kneeling on one knee, torso arched, chain at its left ankle, he blew into a conch shell while, in the other hand, he held a machete to be ready for the war. It was this spirit that led our Haitians ancestors in Saint-Domingue to rebel against their French oppressors in 1791. <br><br>The design on the fine looking shirt is inspired from the statue of Albert Mangones</div><div><br></div><div></div><div>Call upon the spirit of “<i>The Maroon Man</i>.” His spirit of rebellion resides in all of us and connects the souls of all African peoples, both past and present. If an unknown runaway slave can inspire others to rebel against their masters, then you can surely enact change in your community. <b></b> </div><div> <b></b><i></i><u></u><br><b></b> <b>By simply placing an order for this shirt, you are not just buying a shirt but a symbol of strength, power, and unity. The shirt is an emblem of doggedness and power.</b> </div><br><br><br><br>

STL UMVC3 Ranbat Shirt

Hey guys, imashbuttons here with the new STL Marvel shirt design! All shirt sales sold go towards the newly started STL UMvC3 ranbat series, and will pay put the top 3 players from the season.

I Always Sculpt

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America Where Everything's Free Citizen

Printed in the USA Not Sold In Stores   Safe Secure Checkout through PayPal 7x5 or 5x3.6 inch Sticker size available There Is a 3 Print Minimum Be Sure To Share with Your Friends on Facebook


Almost as rood as this shirt's art is the fact that I threw it together with a smartphone photo and content-aware fill and call it art.