Story Icons

<img src=""><br>What better way to show your love for story than wearing it with the creative story-icons shirt?! It's fun to watch people look at this design and find out what they see first: do they see the word STORY or the set of icons first? Be ready: you're going to hear, "Where did you get that great shirt?" <br><br>See many more choices and styles at <a href="" target=""></a> <br><br>Storytellers! This is a great shirt for conferences, meetings and gigs. Teachers! Turn your students loose in small groups and have them create a story for individual icons…or the whole set. <br><br>Ts are available in warm-weather loving short sleeves in many colors or in a v-neck in royal blue. Custom designed for us by Mesquite Tree Studio and is copyright 2015 by <br><br> Shirts are a good quality material that some say run a bit snug. We suggest you order up a size if you are not sure. <br><br><br><img src=""><br><br>


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Art Historians

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0f**ks Black History tee

This original design was brought about from the phrase "zero fucks given." This is a personified version of the phrase. This particular piece is inspired by the civil rights and black power movement.

Proud To Be A History Teacher

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I Love Art History

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History Degree Grandpa Shirt

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World's Okayest Etymologist

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Liberal Arts Shirt and Hoodie

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