Gemini Pillow Gift

Don't You Think if I Were Wrong, I'd Know It? I'm a Gemini! #BoostedPillow

Gemini Zodiac Pillow- Badass Lady gift

If you are a Gemini Lady or have a friend or relative who is this Zodiac Sign this awesome Pillow is for you. <Badass Gemini Lady> title will make you smile. Take one for yourself or surprise somebody you love. The perfect gift for a Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Mother's Day, for any special occasion. High-quality print, fantastic design and a funny quote.

Magical Gemini Zodiac Sign Canvas Print

This Gemini zodiac sign canvas is perfect for the proud Gemini and for those who love and imagine a magical world and who want to add a touch of fantasy to their home decor. Makes an excellent and fun birthday or holiday gift. #boostedcanvas