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<p>This chakra is located in the middle of the forehead/ brow.  This is the chakra of insight and intuition. When open and balanced, one has a clear sense of inter-knowingness and connection to the quite voice of ones soul. Governs the most ancient part of ones awareness. And allows you to see the world through the eye of the soul. When blocked and unbalanced, one feels the mind is scattered and is unable to trust in ones intuition. The fifth chakra relates to the sense of hearing.  </p><div><br></div>

Spina Bifida Awareness 2

Spina Bifida Awareness 2, yellow ribbon and a wheelchair, KrazyBonez

Elemental Balance

Show your love of the elements with this Elemental Balance t-shirt.

Caution Women's T Shirt

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Grant Coordinator

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Become apart of ONE!

Get yours today and let people know you stand on the side of the people.


<p><br></p> <p>This chakra is located at the top of the head.  This is the chakra relates to unbounded awareness, beyond time, space and reality. When open and balanced, one will feel clarity in thought and purpose, personal attentions and desires are in alignment with cosmic will. Also a overwhelming sense of peace. When blocked and unbalanced, one has a sense of depression and confusion.</p><div><br></div>

World's Okayest Documentary Photographer

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World's Okayest Mineralogist

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for that one person you just cant stand

Rations To Recovery Food Drive

Rations To Recovery is a food program, started by Grace Covenant Ministry Alliance &amp; founder Apostle Nicci Lewis, that provides bags of groceries for families that are struggling to provide healthy meals for their households. Our goal is to make this a global success and not just a local mission! All proceeds from the sales of these t-shirts go to this urgent cause!