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Life Lessons Word Cloud

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

The image is designed to call attention to the plight of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Support our women and the efforts to keep them safe and investigate those who do them harm.


We live in a time when social consensus is valued over reality. Nobody will admit that they value social consensus over reality; instead, they re-define "reality" to mean social consensus. You must not fall for this.<br> <br> Western culture is in denial; certain topics are taboo and will get you fired from your job, ostracized by your friends, and generally ruined.<br> <br> The goal is simple: fix the bullshit in your own life, begin valuing reality over social consensus, begin valuing quality over quantity, and send a clear unified message that social consensus must adapt to reality, not the other way around.<br> <br> We do not need to convince the majority, because the majority of people are plebs. What we need is to be the small, irate minority that overrides the cattle that make up most of humanity. Repeat the message of reality until you drown them out. That is all.

*Limited Edition* PTSD Awareness

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