[Limited Edition] All I Care About

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Can't Buy Happiness But We Have Beer!

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Milk The Funk is a Niche Group for Home Brewers brewing with bacterium and alternative yeast cultures to share and gain information making their alternative brewing experience more successful.

Homebrewing Process

It's the process of beer.

Love Diesel Trucks? We Do Too!

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Whittaker's Tavern 'Into the Nothing'

Whittaker's Tavern from the fictional town of Truman Valley, MO, is one of the settings for my book 'Into the Nothing'. Some reviewers have said beer/a bar are like secondary characters in my novels and I couldn't agree more. Wear this uniquely ITN gear at your next signing! :)<div>50% of all proceeds will go toward the VETSports 501(c)3 non profit.</div>


Commemorative design in honor of RBS reaching our 10,000 member mark! we are GOLDEN! <br><br>design by Steve Stremplewski.<br>

Fuck Fancy Beer - Drink PBR

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Kettle Sour

<p>We at <a href="http://www.milkthefunk.com/wiki/Main_Page" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Milk The Funk</a> have a very strong desire for beer drinkers to know how our beer was made. We want our people to know that not only are they drinking a sour beer, but also they are drinking a beer using the authentic methods of kettle souring. We invested a short amount of time, little energy, and almost no money into making this beer. The beer itself began all the way back two weeks ago, but the method stems from early American brewing traditions of 2014.</p><p>We reached out to Jean Van Roy of Brasserie Cantillon for comments and he graciously replied "What is this shit?" and "Why do Americans have to ruin everything."</p><p>We are working with American brewers to certify "Méthode De La Bouilloire" as a certified mark. This mark will verify that all traditional shortcuts were taken, literally any adjunct was used, and as much hops were packed into this flag waving, gun shooting, stainless steel fermenting American bad ass of a beer.</p>

I'm A Baseball &amp; Beer Kinda Girl

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It's time. The biggest beer drinking, green shirt wearing, fun having day of the year. Don't be left out in the cold this St. Patrick's Day. If you are, you'll want to be wearing this shirt. Why? I don't know. Blood Sweat Beers. 

Limited Edition Beer Shirt!

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