Create (Design 2)

Another version of the create design, self titled inspired<div><br></div><div>Design by: @flowlesssong (Instagram)</div><div>(Design permitted)</div>


<div>Feb. 2008 I had bacterial pneumonia that escaped my right lung &amp; poisoned my blood stream. I was in an induced coma &amp; life support for 24 days, in the hospital 37. When I woke I was like a baby learning to talk, walk &amp; eat. I was weak. Still the top of my right lung is dead but I survived when I shouldn’t have. I am Unfinished!</div><div>Until Feb. 2015 I felt a lump in my left breast. I called my doctor for a checkup. She was concerned &amp; scheduled a mammogram. They quickly noticed the lump. An ultrasound &amp; biopsy were ordered; I was scared. It took 1½ weeks for the dreadful call that I had cancer. Life stopped again. I was 37. Why’s this happening? Upon tests &amp; long weeks wondering, results were in. I had the worst breast cancer: stage 2/3, triple negative with lymph node involvement.</div><div>Apr. 27, 2015 I had a port inserted &amp; began chemo. By my 3rd treatment I lost my long thick brown hair. By the 7th I lost my eyelashes &amp; eyebrows. Losing my hair was one of the worst things I endured. Not only was I sick, I hated how I looked.</div><div>20 rounds- 24 weeks of intense chemo. Lots of blood draws, injections, &amp; steroids. Sept. 10th was my last treatment. Oct. 6th I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction &amp; 23 lymph nodes removed.</div><div>My final report Oct. 15th, 2015 stated I was finally cancer free!  I could’ve never got through either battle without prayer, family &amp; friends. Again God decided I’m Unfinished!</div>


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Born a Queen

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