Books make me happy people, not so much.

Every want to let those annoying people who ask you why you read know how you feel? Wanna let everyone know you really aren't a people person? Get this shirt and make it happen. 

The Baby Whisperer

Newborn Care specialist- the baby whisperer

Power of Dark - LIMITED

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Hidden Wings Gear

Hidden Wings T-shirts and mugs, based off of the bestselling and award winning Hidden Wings Series. <div><div><br></div></div>


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More Books, More Selfies

Tired of the pretentiousness surrounding the "less selfies, more books" shirts and attitudes, I decided to flip it on it's head. Taking selfies and reading books are not mutually exclusive. It's about time we starting acting like it. If you wanna take a selfie, take a selfie! If you wanna read a book, go read a book! You can also spice things up and do them both at the same time.


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Book nerd whole T-shirt

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(TS) Limited Edition - Book

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