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Launch Greater is making a difference!

Launch Greater is group of women who are making a difference. Their mission is to help as many people as they can reach with food, water, clothing and basic necessities. The group was founded by Karen AGODTHANG Cumby who's coined phrases includes "A hungry man does not need prayer alone he needs something to eat" and "No matter how little you have you have enough to share with someone". Your purchase will aide the group in the distribution of more rescue bags. A rescue bag includes but is not limited to water, snacks and gender hygiene items. Each bag includes a special gift to bring joy to the recipient. We are making a difference for others which makes a difference in us, help us continue our #LaunchGreater 

RA Warrior

RA Warrior /Spoon Squad<br>

SocialButterflyTees:Big Brunch 2

SocialButterflyTees is opening soon!  Be the first to get your tee, just in time for Spring/Summer brunch with the girls!

If Nothing Ever Changed... Butterflies

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This was specially designed for all you butterfly lovers!<br><br><b>LIMITED EDITION - NOT SOLD IN ANY STORE!<br><br>Butterfly Zip-Up Hoodie!<br><br>Credit Cards &amp; Paypal Accepted! Safe &amp; Secure checkout!<br><br><i>PRINTED IN THE USA - means American jobs!!!!!</i><br></b><br>

Look for the Joy

Look for the Joy is a reminder to all that we have the power to create change in our world and the world of others.  A portion of the profit will benefit Planned Parenthood.  

lupus warrior

lupus warrior<br>

But in a Cool Way

The BUT IN A COOL WAY design is a reference to Harry Styles on the James Corden Carpool Karaoke on the Late Late Show.

Laken Cane's Forsaken series

Fans of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Laken Cane</a> will love the new shirts as well as the new series! 

SocialButterflyTees: Or Nah?

SocialButterflyTees is opening soon!  Be the first to get your tee, just in time for Spring/Summer brunch with the girls!