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The BMC Sticker

Let people know your cat is not to be trifled with with the new sticker from Black Metal Cats. Put it on your car, your fridge, or even your front gate to ward off pesky Christians. Ignore the counter below, it ticks over every few days.

Angry Kitty

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Inquisitor Master kids apparel

Inquisitor Master kids apparel

Duffy Derp

Derp in style with this Duffy t-shirt from the beginning of our Instagram days as @squishdelish! Don’t forget to visit us at 

Cat love person!

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Limited Edition! Get Yours NOW!

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Meowtorhead - Ace Of Spays

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Cats Work Harder

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Raycats by Abby and TylerT

Fascinated by the problem of designing warnings for people 10,000 years in the future, New Hampshire Institute of Art's Type 1 class has joined forces with Bricobio and The Raycat Solution to help insert Raycats into the cultural vocabulary.  While Bricobio works towards genetically altering cats so they change color when in the presence of radioactive material, the NHIA Type 1 class is working to insert the idea that if a cat changes color, that space might be dangerous to others.  Learn more at  All sales from these shirts go to help fund this project, which is an intersection of research, education and art. This particular design is from Abby and Tyler, both sophomores in the New Hampshire Institute of Art's Design major.