All proceeds will be donated to the CHOP Cancer Center in honor of  pediatric cancer awareness month! Thanks for supporting DOM!

Napoleon Hill is my homeboy

Created by Spicy Little Buddha NY... <div>All proceeds from your purchase will be donated to CURE child cancer</div>

Tori and Childhood Cancer

Tori Eckman (3 month old) was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer Retinoblastoma. The tumor is growing more and more everyday in her retina which has resulted in the retina in Tori's left eye becoming detached causing blindness in that eye. Treatment for Tori consists of surgically removing the tumor and treating the rest with chemotherapy. Without rapid treatment, doctors say it could be possible for the cancer to spread to the other eye causing total blindness. There is also the chance the cancer could travel through her vessels, veins and spread to other areas including her brain.<br>Due to insurance problems it has taken Tori 3 weeks plus to get the treatment she desperately needs. We are inviting people to donate towards treatment costs, extra insurance costs, and traveling expenses. Please continue to pray! <br>

Outlanders Unite For A Cause

As a group of passionate fans, let us unite as a clan and make a difference in the lives of others. Beginning on Feb. 15th, International Childhood Cancer Day, 100% of the profits from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to the World Child Cancer foundation. Its been said that Outlander fans do epic things...