The Water is Calling Us

Featuring the iconic image of Edward George in his canoe during the Nibi Onji Canoe Journey (2015) to raise awareness and pray for the waters of the Great Lakes.  The image of Edward was taken from the shore by Eileen and Herman Sahrmann. The image has been donated to Onaman Collective for our fundraising efforts towards Onaman Collective's Land Fund.  <br>

Anna's Journey

Anna is now on hospice care to allow her to be home as much as possible, instead of going to the hospital for every illness or pain episode. She loves going to school and church, doing crafts, and playing with her baby dolls. <br><br>All of the funds raised will go toward adventures she wishes to have, such as the zoo, traveling to Illinois to see family, and her dream of going to the American Girl Doll store. It will also help us remodel our home to make it more user friendly for Anna. We have a goal of removing several walls and replacing the carpet with hardwood, to allow her more freedom in movement.<br><br>Please help Anna #fightlikeaprincess and continue to defy the odds!

Love Makes A Family

<div>We have just under $3,000 left to pay off the legal fees from the adoption of our son and are trying all the avenues! Why not have a sweet shirt and support adoption at the same time?! </div><div>ONESIES: <a href=";cid=6409&amp;sid=front" target="">;cid=6409&amp;sid=front</a> //</div><div>KIDS SHIRTS: <a href=";cid=6380&amp;sid=front">;cid=6380&amp;sid=front</a> //</div><div>OUR STORY: <a href="" target="_blank">…/</a> //</div><div>Design by: Baylee Hart at <a href="" target=""></a>.</div>

Children Lives Matter

These shirts are are help raise awareness in the African community that our children are in need our love, support, guidance, protection, as well as truth. Children of African descent are unaware of the path that lies before them. Young boys are in jail or killed by unfortunate events or Police brutality. We must rise and show that we if not for ourselves then for our babies.  Children Lives do matter.<br>


Fundraising for Children's Miracle Network, Feeding Children Everywhere, and Knight Pantry! 

Ag. Viol. Phys. Intgy_blue

Awarness/Charity Campagne against any violation of the physical integrity of young children, young adults, girls and women in particular.

For Kelly

In remembrance of Kelly to raise suicide awareness. <br>


#BecauseICan is a statement reflecting how one can raise the standard by helping others. We have chosen to do so, because we can. Please purchase a t-shirt to help us raise the standard... providing homes for teens in foster care and youth who have aged out of foster care, simply because you can. 

Kids Adoption Tee

Join a Tribe Called Cress and help bring our child home.  Every t-shirt sold, brings us one step closer. Please feel free to pass this link on. Thanks friends!

Molens' Smaller Youth

The Molen family has LOA for Xi Chu, who has a repaired heart condition. They will be traveling to bring her home in just a few months! 


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