Adopting baby clark!

Hi all! Adoption is a roller coaster of emotions and finances, but so worth it in the end! We are fundraising for our adoption. If you like one of the shirts we designed order one and join this journey with us!


Adaptation of a hand-printed shirt seen in the feminism documentary "She's Beautiful When She's Angry." Saw it, loved it, had to have one.<br>

#roomforonemore adoption fundraiser

The Kelley family is adding baby #6 to their family...and moving up to the 'big van'!<div>They have 5 children, 3 bio, 2 adopted from China and Congo.</div><div>They will be returning to China this year to bring home a sweet little girl with Down syndrome.</div><div>Thank you for helping us get there!</div><div><br></div><div> <img src=";oe=59010FA1"><br> </div>

Adorable.I Am Give Me Treats Shirt

Adorable.I Am Give Me Treats You Must Shirt

Kids Adoption Tee

Join a Tribe Called Cress and help bring our child home.  Every t-shirt sold, brings us one step closer. Please feel free to pass this link on. Thanks friends!

Don't bully me

Buck was literally the dog the local humane society brought out during their children's summer camp to play with the kids. We adopted him, and now the vast majority of local rental properties say he's too "vicious" because he's a pit bull mix. So we're going to buy a house instead! We need to save up FAST for a down payment, so we're selling "Don't bully me" shirts to let the community know that pit bulls can be loving, awesome pets!

Heflin Adoption

God has led our family on an International Adoption Journey to Taiwan!! We are in the waiting process and currently raising support for the rest of our adoption fees. Come alongside us to Pour yourself Out for an orphan and see your Light Rise!

Children Are Really Extraordinary!

<div>Our Goal: 1000 Shirts!</div>If you have healthy children, you should be the first one to support those who with their sick children - are living continually in hospitals. Buy a shirt, or several shirts! The more you buy - the more you help! <div>Thank You! GOD Bless Our Children!</div>



SWD Alumni Pride Blue Logo

<b>$5 of each sale will be donated to the SWD Alumni</b><i><b> </b></i><b>Organization</b><i><br><br><b>Internet Exclusive! </b>- </i><i>Available for a few days only</i><br> <div><i> </i></div> <div><i>Choose your style and color below</i></div> <div><div><i>** Safe &amp; Secure Checkout </i></div></div> <div> ** Order 2 items or more for discounted shipping on additional items<b><br><br>View other styles here: <a title="Link:" href=""></a></b><a target="" href=""><b></b></a> </div> <div> </div> <div><b><br></b></div> <div>Click <b>Buy It Now</b> to pick your size and order.</div><br><br>

Children at Nature Play Tote Bag

Limited Edition Tote Bag Celebrating Play in Nature! <div> <div> <div>Support the mission to connect children to nature - as a parent, mentor, educator, or outdoor-loving kid. <i>Purchase a tote today!</i> </div> <div>Visit <a href="" target=""></a> for more information!</div> </div> <div><img src=";h=200"></div> </div>

Redefining Immigrant Tee

Whatever you are trying to accomplish in this life can only be helped by adopting a younger, scrappier, hungrier state of mind, à la one of America's favorite immigrants, Alexander Hamilton. Slip our Redefining Immigrant tee on whenever you need to remind yourself that you're the kind of person who can get the job done!