Coffee and Yoga

Please grant me coffee to change the things I can, and yoga to accept the things I can't

Caffeinated AF Shirts

Are you a coffee lover? Do you feel like you can take on the world after drinking the dark elixir? Get ready to riot in this Caffeinated AF t-shirt. Printed on the SUPER soft <b>BellaCanvas</b> tri-blend fabric. 

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day


Get your hustle on 24/7. If you'd rather be tired than broke make sure your girl knows when she borrows this mug for your morning after coffee. Limited run. $14.99. Completely awesome. Get the other style too. Buy an extra one for a gift and save on shipping!

Historyden White Coffee Mug

Historyden White Coffee Mug

Limited Edition

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Rigby Coffee Mug

Hello, we are Lisa and Jerry Miller. We are Rigby's parents. Rigby is our  youngest and most charismatic pup in our pack. He has recently been diagnosed with Stage 5 Lymphoma and or possibly Leukemia. We are raising money for Rigby's mounting medical bills and upcoming chemo treatment.<br><br>The monies raised will be used to pay for his medical treatment and assist us in our travels to his treatment facility. We live in Conway, South Carolina and must travel 2 and a half hours to Charleston, South Carolina for his treatment. The travels are harsh on him but a must in order to get him the treatment he needs.<br><br>We would like to reach our goal by October 31, 2016. With his disease time is of the essence. Every minute counts. 


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Just a girl in love with her valentus


As the temps are dropping pick up and original MLJ hoodie or coffee mug to keep you warm!

Drink You Under The Table

Coffee lovers! Drink you under the table. 

Coffee,Corgis, and chestnuts

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