Imani's College Trip

Imani is in the 6th grade.  She plans to be a veterinarian, and to own a pet clinic.  She is using this campaign to raise money for 2016/2017 college trips. 

First Edition MCTC Hoodie

They are finally here! The 1st edition MCTC Hoodies are out! These hoodies will only be sold for one campaign which means if you like the look of them you should definitely get one! If you have any questions about the hoodies feel free to tweet us @MCTCSocial or check us out on Twitch<br>


Educated by an HBCU

BYUH Heartbeat Tee

Unique BYUH Tee. Share your love for BYUH with this simple and sleek design.  

hey look it's right this time

I never want to talk about this shirt again. 

Long Sleeve Purple!

It's dope.  It's purple.  Get your turkey game gear!

U Even College Bro?

Personal Project for James